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Code Breaking

Cracking codes with the micro:bit - being active through cyber security.

Through the context of cyber security and careers in cyber, children explore methods of encoding and decoding messages looking back in time at approaches used in medieval and WWII times. During the workshop, children will code their own wearable physical computing device called the micro:bit and work in teams to hunt for hidden codes and transmit them to their peers at base camp. They will learn essential coding skills such as sequence, selection and iteration!

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Ages 9-12

  • The active Code Breaking workshop provides children the opportunity to learn about historic code breaking approaches including medieval, Roman and during WW2. 

  • Children will code their own digital PigPen encoding and decoding wearable device and hunt for codes scattered around any outdoor or indoor space. 

  • They will transmit data securely using the micro:bit wireless function.

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Digitall Brand Guidelines (3).png
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