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We’re on a mission to equip and inspire young people, to become confident users and developers of technology and enable them to be outstanding performers, fuelled by their understanding and ability to manipulate data and evaluate their performance.


We want to share the importance of having an active digital lifestyle for their well-being.


You can help us inspire and support even more young people. Get in touch and we’ll help you identify how you can best support as a funder, sponsor, ambassador or volunteer.

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Providing more young people with the chance to develop future digital skills.

Digitall Brand Guidelines (3).png

Ensuring more young people can have a digital and active lifestyle and develop their digital wellbeing.

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Enabling more girls to develop their leadership and self-efficacy to build digital artefacts for all.

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Thank you for your donation! We'll be able to support even more people with future digital skills and their digital well-being.


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Digitall Brand Guidelines (3).png
Digitall Brand Guidelines (5).png
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