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Headteacher Event


We are running a free event for headteachers with Key speakers from digit<all>, lifeontime and Aspire 2Be. This will be on the 1st March and will be held at the BSC in London and lunch will be provided; see our speakers below!

To book a place on the event, please sign up to the event here.

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Pete Marshman


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Jez Belas

Life on Time Ltd

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Pete is best known for his research and work around building self-efficacy in girls in computer science and advises institutions across Europe where he is also an EU Code Week Ambassador. He has produced, edited and authored resources for leading organisations in computing education such as the BCS, the BBC, Hodder Education, INEOS, the Royal Society, the European Space Agency and PG online as well as having over 15 year's experience of teaching computer science to secondary, primary and post-graduates. ​


digit<all> was founded in 2022 by Peter Marshman, lead of the top performing Computing Hub for the National Centre for Computing Education. Following years of collaboration and strategic support for schools across the United Kingdom and beyond, the need for engaging and active learning with a focus on technology, coding and data science was clearly evident. Since then, digit<all> has developed partnerships with schools, universities, sports clubs and other charities to increase the well-being of young people and to provide them with the skills and knowledge to become non-sedentary, active and happy learners.


We provide training for teachers and workshops and enrichment camps for young people both in school and in the community. These opportunities are linked to the context of digital roles such as in space, sport and cyber security. We also generate resources to enable teachers to deliver creative computing content within their curriculum and to engage young people through community and educational workshops. ​


The charity also provides a range of strategic support plans to ensure that schools can receive the necessary mentoring, coaching and training to provide a creative computing curriculum. We offer a Bronze, Silver and Gold Computing Curriculum Support programme these include Currciulum Health Checks & Action Planning, Bespoke Computing Professional Development, Bespoke Computing Mentoring and much more depending on which tier you choose.

Matt Smith

Aspire 2Be

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youHQ is changing the way schools care for their people. It’s the only whole school wellbeing solution that identifies those at risk, those who need extra support, and provides them the self-care tools and resources to thrive. youHQ provides an app (downloadable from the App Store & Google Play or browser based) to support the wellbeing and personal development of students. The student facing interface captures, records and analyses mood in real time using emoji based surveys.


The Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) model (specifically Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, ACT) allows students to self-reflect on personal values and set goals in line with them. This gives the user a greater sense of self-awareness and staff a better understanding of the unique motivations of every young person.


The smart safeguarding integrations with global specialists (CPOMS & MyConcern), allow staff to record any serious issues quickly and simply. Staff also have the option to use the app as the students do to support their wellbeing. The end result is a proactive, positive approach to whole school wellbeing and mental health where schools to analyse the impact and wellbeing of the whole community.

Headteachers Event
Headteachers Event
01 Mar 2023, 11:00
Remote Event

Matt is Digital Transformation Director at Aspire 2Be and joined the company after excelling as a senior teacher and Leader of Blended Learning. As an advocate of the power that technology can have on teaching, learning and professional development, Matt now works with organisations across Education and Business, helping them transform the way they work in order to facilitate increased outcomes.


In both education and business contexts, Matt has led and delivered industry leading change programmes that have transformed working practice and the way in which organisations communicate and collaborate. Matt aims to inspire others and to cultivate effective working teams to deliver award winning, professional learning programmes that focus on cultural change. By redefining the parameters in which success is achieved through continuing professional development, Matt enhances working practice by blending technology and existing workflow to maximise time, efficiency and impact.


As well as speaking at various seminars and conferences around the country, Matt was recognised for his approach to technology in the classroom through his selection as a regional winner in the Pearson National Teacher Awards, in the category ‘Outstanding use of Technology in Education’. He has since gone on to gain accreditation with Google, Microsoft and Apple, in the planning and delivery of transformational change programmes.

Headteacher Event
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