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Why Support is Essential for the Homeschool Community

I had the privilege of collaborating with a home-school community in Newbury, Berkshire, orchestrating a bespoke Harry Potter-themed coding activity, made even more special by the presence of one of the charity's ambassadors, Tig Williams. While the charity routinely conducts various workshops in schools, venues, libraries, and other communal settings, this event was unique.

In anticipation of the event, the group expressed an interest in activities tailored around the Harry Potter universe. Consequently, we enthusiastically devised several engaging tasks, including the creation of a Sorting Hat and a Golden Snitch. The Sorting Hat activity not only acquainted the children with concepts of sequence and selection but also introduced them to block-based programming. Meanwhile, the Golden Snitch activity provided an opportunity for the children to gather data on acceleration, achieved by embedding a micro:bit within a polystyrene ball.

At the charity, we're accustomed to working with young people aged 6 to 18, but our recent experience at a community event was refreshingly different. The neuro-diverse children collaborated in pair programming activities, showcasing their adaptability in a fluid learning environment. This highlighted the importance of extending digital skills beyond traditional classrooms, especially for those who aren't regular attendees. Our activities enabled them to code indoors and experiment with code outdoors. This experience prompts us to consider a future of digital learning where children have the freedom to seek support, engage in project-based learning, and develop independence.


My ten year old really enjoyed it, the game was fun, she’d love to do another workshop!

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