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future digital skills for all

digit<all> is committed to advancing digital competency in a diverse and constantly changing world through an active, digital lifestyle.

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digit<all> active

Having an active lifestyle whilst harnessing the very best of learning digitally is paramount. Through active learning they can be fit and healthy both mentally and physically.

They identify uses of technology that encourage movement and identify opportunities to combine technology and activity for good health and wellbeing.

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digitall active
digitll citizen
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digit<all> citizen

Being a digital user involves not only the effective use of cloud technologies but also requires an understanding of when to act and how to act.

A digital citizen is safe online both in terms of interactions and communication and considers the ethical use of technology through critical thinking.

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digit<all> engineer

To influence the digital applications and spaces of tomorrow, young people must become creators as well as effective users of technology. They should be 'digital unicorns'; understanding coding, data science, machine learning and artificial intelligence, amplifying their routes to digital careers and maximising their growth to reaching their potential.

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digital engineer