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Wind Mills
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sustainable computing with the

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These projects combine physical construction, coding, and environmental awareness to engage students in understanding the nature of the world around them; subjects ranging from air pollution, biodiversity through habitat regeneration and how technology can assist.

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  • Effectively achieve specific goals by writing and debugging programmes

  • Break down complex problems into smaller, more manageable parts.

  • Utilise sequence and selection to make decisions based on conditions

  • Work with variables to store and manipulate data within programmes 

  • Detect and correct errors or bugs in programmes for improved accuracy and functionality.

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Typical Requirements:

  • One micro:bit per person with USB cable and battery pack/batteries

  • Laptop or desktop

  • A space where people can undertake simple exercises such as running, hopping and start jumping on the spot (optional)

  • Large paper clips (and sweatbands)

  • Solar panel cells

  • Sellotape

  • Check activity packs for specific items..

Sustainable Computing resources

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