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Yota Dimitriadi



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Yota Dimitriadi is an Associate Professor in TEL & Computing Education at the Institute of Education, University of Reading. Yota's responsibilities include PGCE Primary Module Leader for compuing, ITE Secondary Computer Science Course Lead and Executive Coach.


Peter Marshman

Pete is a respected expert with over 15 years of experience in promoting computer science education and self-efficacy among girls. He's an EU Code Week Ambassador and has worked with prestigious organizations like BCS, the BBC, Hodder Education, the Royal Society, and more. Pete's expertise covers teaching computer science at various levels.

Pete Marshman


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Dave Hartley



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Dave, head of computing at a West Sussex college, switched from the tech industry to teaching in 2015 to inspire young engineers, particularly girls. As a CAS master teacher and certified educator in various programs, he aims to help teachers gain confidence in teaching this subject.


CODE Award Ambassadors

Kiara Jones

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Kiara, a software developer at IBM since 2020, finished a degree apprenticeship in Digital and Technology Solutions at the University of Winchester. She actively engages in activities that promote STEM among youth, transitioning from being a participant to inspiring young minds herself.

CODE Awards Lead Ambassador

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