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Meet and Code in collaboration with


Coordinating events with UK NPO’s and schools to deliver workshops to underserved, underrepresented and underprivileged young people.

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  • Are you an NPO or school or PTA who has a charity number?

  • Does your vision include empowering young citizens with digital skills for the future?

  • Do you want to develop the skills our young people need for tomorrow's competitive digital economy?

  • Would you like to gain up to £1200* to purchase more tech or hire a trainer OR do you already run a school club or community workshops which involve children and young people getting involved with technology and coding?

  • We provide train-the-trainer workshops to support you in delivering your activity.

More details to come in June, including how to register your event, help with resources and tech.

  • *£400 can be provided per approved activity.

  • Maximum 3 workshops.

Training Sessions:

  • Meet and Code: Girls in Computing
    Meet and Code: Girls in Computing
    Thu, 20 Jul
    20 Jul, 17:00 – 18:00
    20 Jul, 17:00 – 18:00
    Get ready for Meet and Code and EU Code week – Do you need inspiration for your Meet and Code Workshop or other coding events or school lessons? Participate in our TTT sessions and learn more about girls in computing.
  • Meet and Code: Physical and Active Computing
    Meet and Code: Physical and Active Computing
    Mon, 17 Jul
    17 Jul, 17:00 – 18:00
    17 Jul, 17:00 – 18:00
    Get ready for Meet and Code and EU Code week – Do you need inspiration for your Meet and Code Workshop or other coding events or school lessons? Participate in our TTT sessions and learn more about physical and active computing.

Sign up for updates, current and future bursary opportunities and further guidance to support your Meet and Code activities. 


Thanks for registering! We will be in touch.

Digitall Brand Guidelines (3).png
  • What schools are the awards open to and how many students can I enter?
    Any school from the UK can enter any number of students for any of the award categories.
  • What is Meet and Code?
    Meet and Code is Europe’s biggest digital skills programme with the goal of introducing children and young people to technology and coding. They introduce youths from all walks of life to the world of technology. It aims to close the digital divide across Europe by making coding and learning digital skills accessible and inclusive. Digit<all> is the UK partner for Meet and Code.
  • What are the key dates?
    June 13th to September 13th – Meet and Code 2023 launch the application phase July 17th and 20th – Train the Trainer sessions. These provide an insight to resources you may wish to use for your event. You can register for these now at Digit<all> September 1st to October 31st - Meet and Code events take place October 7th – 22nd EU code week
  • What do I need to do to qualify for the grant?
    The following criteria must be met for each event idea: You must have charity status, be an NPO, PTA or School Have an event idea that seeks to inspire and introduce young people to the world of technology and coding Host the event between 1st September and 31st October 2023 The target audiences are children and youth The event must be free of charge to the participants The event has to be designed for a minimum of 4 hours which can be a single session or divided into several sessions The event can be held on site or online and designed for a minimum of 20 attendees in any format Please note that funding can only be used for event-related expenditure, that is: - A trainer for the workshop - Licence for online teaching tools - Learning materials for participants including curation and shipping, e.g. Work books or hardware - Communication to reach potential participants, e.g. Flyer, poster, online marketing - Professional external support to enable an online event, e.g. Technical support - Rent for space needed because of e.g. Technical infrastructure If your event meets all of the above criteria, your event will be eligible for the application assessment process. After submitting your event, you will get a response within four weeks.
  • What might the activities look like for £400, £800 and £1200 grants?
    Code club (4 x 1hr sessions) £400 Half day Primary / Secondary physical computing workshops (4hrs) £400 Two day project based learning activity £1200 Half day computing activity stand at a School Science day £400 Code your own game lunchtime challenge with 12 x 30min sessions for KS3/4 £800 School breakfast club over with computational thinking challenges £400
  • I want to get young people involved but I’m not sure what activity to run - can you help?
    Come join our teacher trainer sessions where we will introduce you to the resources available via Digit<all> All resources include activity plan, solution videos, supporting slides, extension activities and challenges. You could access the Meet and Code inspiration library which offers you a wide range of free materials including ideas and methods to organise your event. Why not try: Hour Of Code Micro:bit for resources Scratch Amazon Future Engineer If you ever have any questions then email your Digit<all> Meet and Code lead
  • How much are the grants?
    £400 for each activity with a maximum of £1200.
  • How many children need to take part?
    Across the duration of the activities, 20 young people should be involved.
  • Where and how can I host my event?
    NPO’s are welcome to host in-person, virtual and hybrid events from 1st September to 31st October.
  • What events could we host?
    You can host any digitally related event. Possible events include hackathons, coding workshops, competitions, coding nights, robotics classes or other formats. There are also resources on the Digit<all> website
  • Who should be my target audience?
    The narrative of this year's meet and code edition is focusing on underrepresented, underserved and underprivileged children and youths.
  • My application
    All event ideas must be submitted on the Meet and Code website before 13th September 2023. Organisations are welcome to submit several different event ideas. Qualifying ideas will then receive funding of £400 to support their learning activities.
  • I have an event. How do I apply for the grant?
    The Meet and Code grants are available for charities only. All charities need to register on the Meet and Code website. They will then be redirected to Charity Digital who will validate the organisations charitable status within the UK. After successfully registering the charity it will receive a validation token to finish the registration on the Meet and Code website.
  • How will grants be paid?
    Your organisation will be asked to submit an invoice to with the subject title of Meet and Code. Once your activity is submitted we will provide further details.
  • Who is behind Meet and Code?
    Behind Meet and Code are the organising partners Haus des Stiftens, Techsoup Europe with the respective country partners of the Techsoup Europe network and the main donor partners – Amazon and SAP that enable the initiative through financial support and providing resources for nonprofits. Meet and code was initially founded by Haus des Stiftens, SAP and Techsoup Europe.
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