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Support our initiative to inspire young minds in using technology for positive change, developing essential digital skills, and understanding the significance of monitoring local wildlife populations. Your contribution will enable us to equip young individuals with the tools to analyse data, appreciate the outdoors, and harness technology for societal and economic participation.

Together, let's make a lasting impact on the lives of youth.


 Empowering Future Conservationists: UK Youth Code for Hedgehog   Protection and Environmental Sustainability 

 Through this programme, we will impact: 

> 5400 young people across the UK
> 330 young people in face-to-face workshops
> 90 teachers/community leaders across the UK through online professional development
> 22 teachers in face-to-face workshops also acting as professional development

 How donations will be used: 

> 90 micro:bit portable programmable devices for coding workshops
> 40 hedgehog house build boxes
> Project coordination, management and delivery
> Transport for trainers to visit schools
> Production of teaching materials including videos 
> Material design and website hosting, training booking application
> Administration for communication with schools and financial admin
> Advertising and marketing for wide UK reach

 How to help: 

If you would like to find out more and/or help, please click on our Aviva fundraising page below:

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Hedgehog Hackers

Hedgehog Hackers

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 Other ways to help 


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Thank you for your donation! We'll be able to support even more people with future digital skills and their digital well-being.

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