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Combine coding concepts with practical applications, demonstrate the relevance of coding in various scenarios, and address the specific needs of astronauts with this set of activities!

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​Define the importance of certain skills and acknowledge the specific requirements and challenges faced by astronauts
​Learn how to use 'if' statements, which allow branching in programmes and control the flow of actions
​Understand the relevance of coding in various scenarios

​One micro:bit per person with USB cable and battery pack/batteries
​Laptop or desktop
​A space where people can create an abstacle course or maze with any sports equipment or chairs in the hall / large space
​Access to obstacles such as chairs, bean bags, tunnels, mini trampolines etc.
​A space where people can undertake simple exercises such as running, hopping and start jumping on the spot (optional)
​Large paper clips (and sweatbands)

Out Of This World resources

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