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Digit<all> and Amazon Future Engineer are offering complimentary in-person micro:bit workshops to schools in Birmingham, Fife, Swansea, and Wigan.
These 2-3 hour workshops will focus on space.

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Years 5 to 8

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Empower youth to experience hands-on coding through micro:bit and physical computing
> Foster active and collaborative learning through hands-on coding projects
> Enhance computational thinking and coding proficiency
> Offer expert insights with live or recorded sessions by industry professionals

embark on an astronaut fitness odyssey with two dynamic workshops:


 Journey To The Moon and   Speed Of Light 

  • Create a personal fitness assistant and perfecting exercises

  • Navigate a space station with steady precision


 Mission Control and Build an   Astronaut Core 

  • Find different species of alien and transmit the frequencies by radio

  • Code a beep test, record your high score and create different levels of challenge

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