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Meet and Code 2023: Celebrating Success with 80 Grants and £32,000 for STEM Education in the UK!

Updated: Nov 21, 2023

With Meet and Code 2023 coming to a close we have much to celebrate. Our original funding for 75 grants were extended by Meet and Code to 80, due to demand.

Digit<all> were able to fund some amazing events leading to the underprivileged, under represented and underserved youths of today experiencing outstanding opportunities within computing and STEM. 80 grants awarded across the UK, £32,000 distributed to schools and NPO’s to facilitate events. Each event bringing opportunities to develop coding, physical computing, robotic skills and countless other opportunities.

"Best day I have ever had at school!"
"My son enjoyed it so much and was so excited to show us what he learnt today."
"The funding that Meet and Code provided allowed us to get students exploring electronic components, diagnosing faults in handheld games consoles and fixing them. Students were so excited when their games consoles switched: they'd fixed them; they'd saved something from landfill; they'd learned how something new and had loads of fun in the process"
"Our children do not get the opportunity to experience STEM activities outside Camelford. The chance for them to work as a team, learning about careers and future opportunities of computing outside their local community is invaluable. We have girls represented in our team who are enjoying the engineering and coding challenge. Without this grant none of this would be possible for our students."

Some of the amazing feedback we have received on our Meet and Code series

If you would like to be notified when the grant application process for meet and code 2024 is open, click below.

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