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micro:bit Hedgehog Hunt: a Fun and Educational Day with Year 2 Students at Fairfields School!

Updated: Mar 16

In October, we had an excellent day with Year 2 students from Fairfields School in Basingstoke, immersing ourselves in their allotment through a captivating Hedgehog-themed micro:bit activity.

Our aim was to illustrate how physical computing devices enhance the study of the natural world, resulting in a delightful and educational day for all!

We initiated the session by introducing the micro:bit's capabilities. All micro:bits used that day were pre-coded, enabling students to enjoy hands-on play and fostering familiarity with the device for future encounters.

We employed the micro:bits in two ways. Firstly, we strategically hid 10 micro:bits around the allotment, each mimicking a hedgehog with LED displays. Programmed to emit a squeak when a predator (represented by a fox micro:bit) approached, the students enthusiastically participated in a lively hedgehog hunt. Upon finding a micro:bit, students marked its location on an allotment plan.

Following the thrilling hunt, we engaged in a discussion about areas with high hedgehog concentrations and optimal habitats. This seamlessly transitioned into the second activity, utilising a new set of micro:bits to measure light levels or temperature. The students explored the allotment to find the best spot for a hedgehog house, considering factors such as low light and high temperature.

As the day concluded, we enjoyed apples from the allotment's tree, packed up most hedgehog houses, leaving a couple for potential spiky, squeaky residents over the winter.

To inspire more young minds, please consider donating to further events in the future below!

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Dec 04, 2023

What did you pre-program them with? Is it a resource available?

Digitall Charity
Digitall Charity
Dec 11, 2023
Replying to

We used MakeCode to program the micro:bits. Simply using the radio function on one to transmit to the others. We are fundraising to turn the resources into something that can be easily accessed and will then appear in the resources section of our site.

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