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micro:bit Hedgehog Hunt: a Fun and Educational Day with Year 2 Students at Fairfields School!

In October, we had an excellent day with Year 2 students from Fairfields School in Basingstoke, immersing ourselves in their allotment through a captivating Hedgehog-themed micro:bit activity.

Our aim was to illustrate how physical computing devices enhance the study of the natural world, resulting in a delightful and educational day for all!

We initiated the session by introducing the micro:bit's capabilities. All micro:bits used that day were pre-coded, enabling students to enjoy hands-on play and fostering familiarity with the device for future encounters.

We employed the micro:bits in two ways. Firstly, we strategically hid 10 micro:bits around the allotment, each mimicking a hedgehog with LED displays. Programmed to emit a squeak when a predator (represented by a fox micro:bit) approached, the students enthusiastically participated in a lively hedgehog hunt. Upon finding a micro:bit, students marked its location on an allotment plan.

Following the thrilling hunt, we engaged in a discussion about areas with high hedgehog concentrations and optimal habitats. This seamlessly transitioned into the second activity, utilising a new set of micro:bits to measure light levels or temperature. The students explored the allotment to find the best spot for a hedgehog house, considering factors such as low light and high temperature.

As the day concluded, we enjoyed apples from the allotment's tree, packed up most hedgehog houses, leaving a couple for potential spiky, squeaky residents over the winter.

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