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CSEdWeek Cold Feet

Cold Feet is a fun activity to highlight new biological research into penguins through a Scratch coding activity. Help Nora the penguin to skate around the ice and avoid obstacles but watch out because Fifi the Llama's feet are frozen! Complete the form below for your free download!

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Ages 8 - 11

  • Code a festive penguin ice-skating activity and create ice art using sequence, selection and selection

  • Find out about biological engineering - why don't penguin's feet freeze?

  • Code Fifi the llama to ice-skate but be careful; her feet do freeze!

  • Make your ice art glow with the Northern lights!*

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*Of course penguins live in the Antarctic and not the north. However, they still get the effect of the northern lights but it is known as the 'aurora australis'!

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Cold Feet Anchor
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