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Empowering Young Minds: Sustainable Computing Workshops at Didcot Library

Updated: Jun 28

We recently had the privilege of hosting a day of sustainable computing workshops for 40 enthusiastic children aged 7-11 at Didcot Library. Witnessing their eagerness to learn and explore the intersection of technology and sustainability was truly inspiring.

Morning Workshop: Plant Partner Activity 🌱

The morning session included our Plant Partner activity, where participants embarked on a hands-on coding journey to monitor the sunlight and moisture levels of plants.

Participants began by potting their own plant, adding a personal touch to the activity and fostering a connection with nature. Once their plant was potted, they eagerly dove into coding their micro:bit to help them monitor their plant's health.

With the micro:bit providing instant feedback on the soil's moisture and nutrient levels through illuminated LEDs, participants gained valuable insights into their plant's well-being.

With the light sensor as their guide, they then carefully sought out the optimal position for their plant, ensuring it received just the right amount of sunlight to thrive.

This hands-on experience not only nurtured their coding abilities but also instilled a profound appreciation for the importance of sustainability and nature.

Afternoon Workshop: Solar Powered Llamagotchi 🦙

Our afternoon workshop included the creation of a digital pet, Fifi the llama! However, Fifi came with a twist – she relied on sustainable energy to thrive. With our guidance, the children embarked on the challenge of integrating solar cells and controller modules to power their digital companions.

As they delved into the intricacies of renewable energy, they nurtured Fifi, ensuring she remained entertained and healthy. Through this hands-on experience, the children grasped the significance of sustainable energy sources in powering the technology of tomorrow. Their creativity flourished as they brainstormed ways to keep Fifi engaged while minimising her carbon footprint.

The enthusiasm and passion for learning displayed by the young participants at these workshops were truly inspiring! Witnessing their excitement as they delved into the world of coding and sustainability was a testament to the endless potential of young minds and we were thrilled to equip each of them with their very own micro:bit, allowing their coding journey to continue at home!

A huge thank you to The Didcot Powerhouse Fund for funding these activities and to Didcot Library for providing the learning space! 🌟

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